California WaterFix Project Consultant RFQ Website

As currently planned, the design and construction of the California WaterFix will be managed by a proposed Joint Powers Authority (JPA) under contract with the Department of Water Resources.  Because this JPA has not yet been formed, State Water Project Contractors Authority (SWPCA) is administering certain solicitations for consultant services for the JPA to consider once it is formed.  In this capacity, SWPCA is merely making the solicitations available and will be collecting responses to hold unopened for the JPA’s use.  The JPA, not SWPCA, will evaluate responses and make any contract awards.

The RFQs currently available on this website can be downloaded below:

Executive Director Services RFQ

Real Estate Services RFQ

Any addenda will also be posted on this website.  Potential respondents are advised to check this website for addenda or updates.

Full information for respondents including important dates and contact information is provided in the RFQs themselves.